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    Rafthause is the publisher and distributor of the book "Latte to Lathi - Finding an Unshakeable Faith". It is also an online store that sells jewellery from Nepal, paintings and postcards.


    We hope to add colour, joy, faith and courage to people's lives.


  • Latte to Lathi

    A recently published book about a Singaporean's 1.5-year faith journey in Nepal.

    Latte to Lathi - Finding an Unshakeable Faith

    (The book is available for sale in the 'store' section of this webpage. Click here to purchase.)


    “Is God real? Why does He seem so distant? Have I believed in a lie all my life?”


    Such questions shake Jea’s faith, but lead her to do the very thing that needs faith: To spend a year in missions, just as she promised God.


    Stepping out into the unknown, she leaves a comfortable life of sipping lattes in Singapore, picks up a lathi (wooden staff) in Nepal, and goes on an adventure that will teach her to depend fully on God. There, she will live through the country’s biggest earthquake in 80 years, survive arduous 48-hour bus rides, and discover what it’s like to trek to remote villages to share the Gospel.


    Journey with Jea as she shares her joys and pains of her time in Nepal, her discovery of new perspectives and insights about life and faith, and the answers to her questions about God.




    WORD FROM THE AUTHOR, JEA NG // We all have stories to tell. Stories about God's faithfulness in our lives. Stories about our journey of faith. Some stories disappear with us in our graves. Some stories remain. Through this book, my desire is to leave behind a story for the generations to come. A story to testify of an unshakeable God and what He can do with a life surrendered to Him. It is an offering to the One who gave it all to save one such as I. May you be blessed as you read the book.


    Collaboration with J & Co Foundry // A rose gold necklace with the words "Love Unshakeable" and a postcard featuring the colourful land of Nepal. At the back of the postcard is a description of what Isaiah 54:10 meant to Jea, author of Latte to Lathi. Purchase this set at J & Co Foundry's online store.


    Photo credit: J & Co Foundry


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